We are a Danish adventures couple who is living our dream in Norway.  

We are doing everything from the small daily adventures to big expeditions and love being out in the winter landscape.
We are two passionate souls who are fascinated by what the untouched wilderness can offer and love going out to explore it. We wish and hope to inspire other nature lovers and bring them along on some of our adventures as well. 

Maria Winther

Adventurer who lives for the extraordinary moments 

Maria is a cheerful person who thrives best in nature. She is the type of person who feels free by constantly exploring herself outside of her own comfort zone. The freedom for her can mean; having fun in the sky skydiving, exploring the winter landscapes or the magical adventures that the mountains offer, both in the climbing and hiking shoes.

“I feel lucky to have found something in life which makes me this happy, which gives me a drive for exploring big as small adventures.

Not all get to know this feeling, but I hope I might bring some curiosity and braveness to other people who have a small or big dream in the back of their heads.”

She is the type of person who you will find challenging herself with a 24 hours straight hike, weeks of backpacking in the mountains on Nepal, climbing in the Alps or simply just go out for a micro adventure in her backyard in Norway.

Lars Bukkehave

Mountain guide, Athlete and outdoor explorer at heart

Lars has always been drawn to the mountains have to offer, despite his Danish background.

His childhood savings was used on the Mountain School “Yamnuska” in Canada. Since then has his focus been on teaching fjellski, randonee and iceclimbing.

The past 12 years years has he as well started the season at Gjendesheim in week 6 for the winther, where he has been teaching fjellski for Danish groups, to convey what he loves the most.

The wish for constantly pushing boundaries opened the doors for being a part of the randonee and rafting national team. He is furthermore competing in Adventure Racing in world class level, with winnings in World Cups, European Championship and Patagonia Expedition Race.

However, the medal comes second for the inner journey.