Human nature is constructed in such way that you end up learning much more from challenge you self than from a life of ease. That does not mean that we recommend a quest of suffering or anything like that. What we want you to understand is you can fall and pick your self up again and again. You will try that thousand times as long you are still alive.
Defeated are those who stop fighting and to stop fighting is to stop dreaming.

ice climbing level 1-4 
january & february 2024

Ice climbing is a fun way to explore the vertical world in winter and Norway offers some of the best ice climbing in Europe. We are building courses all form the beginners to the advanced climbers which will find place all around Norway.

Avalance & randonee course
February – april 2024

fjellski – from hut to tent
december – april 2024

glacier courses or walks
july – september 2024

summer 2024

We are yearly heading to the mountains in Norway or the Alps to have fun rock climbing or summiting the beaty the peaks has to offer. 

summer 2024 

For more details, please reach out to Lars: