It takes hard work, a good amount of flexibility and an excellent team to be able to succeed an expedition, which has rarely been travelled before.
Our team does not only consist of us when travelling, but also the support from the Wilson family.

Knowing that this is a shared mindset of the company, we feel proud to call them our partner.

Our gear is our best friend, in good as in bad weather. We don’t just choose our friends randomly on the street, neither do we with our gear. Montane has focus on on keeping the gear lightweight, but just as much on the functionality and the small details which makes a big difference once being out in the wilderness. 


Time is an essential factor for us when being on expeditions.

We need to have some good routines or when to wake up, when to eat and take breaks and finally when to stop, to be able to continue for a long amount of time.

Our G-shock and ProTrek watches are not only supporting us with these aspects, but also with making our expeditions possible!


Our home is our safe zone. That being a thin piece of red fabric, tells a lot about the quality.

To be able to aim high, we need partners who delivers the best of the best on the market and this is where Helsport comes into the picture.


Imagine sliding on a cloud!

This is how skiing feel to us when using our Åsnes skies. Living in a dream world where we don’t have to be nervous about lack of quality, but just focusing on having fun.

“Uden mad og drikker, duer helten ikke” as we say in Danish.

When being out far away from civilisation, it is limited to what food options we have. This means that we will be carrying everything ourselves and that we will be eating a lot of the same food. To be able to get enough kcal in, the food need to be tasty and of good consistency.

Being quite some foodies, but having limited options on our food choices when being out in the wilderness, we can only get a big smile on our lips when having Tactical Foodback supporting our adventures.

Knowing that you every day can look forward to a nice homemade tasting meal while resting in the tent is worth gold. 

Without food our body stop working, but without power our safety is in danger.
Safety is our priority number one of all times. All our electronic devices runs on power. With solar celles and efficient powerbanks from Sandberg are we running full steam all the way across the ice cap. 

As a bonus we have extra power for out cameras and GoPro to capture our adventure. 

blue ice explorers

Blue Ice Explorers is the ultimate tour operator for custom trips in South Greenland and therefore the perfect match with our tailor made route. They will help us with the logistics reaching the glacier, reaching the start of our dream.

Knowing the Tschudi have their heart in the polar regions, on the path less taking when it comes to logistics, we are proud that they choose us as a partner.

Having partners who support who you are and what you do, makes me the better version of myself and therefore also more succesfull in the things I go for.

Maria Winther

Nothing great are achieved alone. Having strong partners to support and help tell the story from our expedition and day to day life. Having others that believe in our journey makes us walk the extra mile.